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The Annual Report showcases the activities in IPS Ayodhya. We have always been committed to create an environment in the school which helps the young minds to blossom and provide a platform for individual thinking and holistic development of a child’s personality. The activities undertaken in the session 2017-18 were as follows.

Earth Day

A special assembly was organized on April 21, on the occasion of Earth Day where by the students delivered short speeches in Hindi and English about their views on the importance of environment conservation. The Assembly was followed by a plantation drive within the school premises.

Labor Day

On the occasion of Labor Day the students of IPS gave Thank You cards to show affection and numerous expressions of gratitude to class IV employees. A special assembly was held wherein students recited poems on the unfortunate child laborers and also thanked all the helpers of the school for their support and dedication towards the school. The students also distributed clothes to the labors working in the school premises.

Mother’s Day

The students of IPS made their moms feel very special by celebrating Mother’s Day. The day was made memorable for them with lots of programmes showcased by their children and fun loving activities engaging all the moms. The mothers were asked to share their thoughts as they finished with tea. Several moms spoke and seemed very touched by this special occasion of bonding. Their smiles only stretched as the sentiments surfeit.

Summer Camp (2017)

Our school got closed on 16th May, 2017 for summer vacations and it was the time for the beginning of Summer-Camp which was scheduled between 17th May 2017 to 28th May 2017. We had chosen various sports and other activities for that camp and students of all the classes had taken part in these activities. Various indoor and outdoor games were there for students like football, cricket, kho-kho etc. For making our children strong and courageous we had a special programme for the self- defense training. Our students had a great time there. For our blooming buds we had arranged a very special splash-pool where they had enjoyed themselves. Various other activities such as robotics, music, and aerobics were also included for the students.

Admission Initiatives by the school

School has undertaken the Admission campaign initiatives in the form of home visits to students. The teachers visited the houses of the students of their respective classes. They also tried to know about their views related to the school. The visits were very useful as teachers could closely monitor academic progress and use the assessment to work on areas that need improvement. Counseling was also done in view of the upcoming admission process.

Red Colour Day

On July 26, 2017 The KG wing of IPS Ayodhya conducted ‘Red Day’ activity to introduce children to the mesmerizing realm of colours. The shades of red made our tiny tots feel bright lively and cheerful. The day started off with the colour red every where red dress, red rose, red teddy, red car, red apples and red cherries. Bulletin boards displayed red craft work made by the children. Some of the students spoke a few sentences on the red object they brought from home. Teachers discussed the theme in circle and linked it to all the subjects.

Investiture Ceremony

Investiture Ceremony was held in our school where by the prefectorial body was sworn in who took pledge of upholding the honour and glory of the school.

Industrial Visit

Our school organized an industrial visit of Parle-G Industry, Faizabad, for our students so that they can understand how an industry works. Our students were very curious to know the function of different machines. They enjoyed there and learned how an industry works in a practical manner.

Dahi – Handi Competition

Janmashtami, the festival for the celebration of lord Krishna’s birth was celebrated in our school by both the junior and senior sections. Our junior students had celebrated this festival by doing the Role-play art of Lord Krishna and the diety Radha. There was a dance performance by the small kids. Our senior ones had planned something different and more enthusiastic they had decided to celebrate Janmashtami by having the Dahi - Handi Competition. We had an Inter House Dahi - Handi Competition, that was very exciting to watch. The efforts and enthusiasms of the students were amazing and it left memories in all our minds.

Inter House Patriotic Singing Competition

Republic day was marked with the Inter House Hindi Patriotic Song Competition. The competition was marked with great enthusiasm where students put on their best efforts in the name of competitive spirits.

Best out of Waste

This enterprising activity which consisted of craft activity related to waste material provided an excellent platform for the children to unleash their creative abilities and exhibit their talents in the art and craft of their choice.

Fancy Dress Competition of Pre-Primary Section

Fancy Dress Competition was held on the occasion of Dushera. It was an entertaining activity that made the children to learn a lot of things with fun. A short Ram Leela was also performed on that day.

Poetry Competition

Poetry competition was held for classes I, II & III. So that they can enhance their public speaking activities. It inspired children to come forward and recite on stage.

Rangoli Competition

An inter house Rangoli Making Competition was conducted in the premises of Indirapuram Public School on the occasion of Diwali. The students participated in this competition with great enthusiasm. The first position was secured by Blue and Yellow House in Junior and Senior sections respectively.

Anandi Excursion

Who don’t want to have fun to go to an amazing water park. Nothing can be better than visiting a water-park after giving the half-yearly examinations. The school had decided to give our students a big surprise and announced an excursion for Anandi Water Park in Lucknow. On 6th October, 2017 all the students got collected at the school campus at 7 o’clock. Since we had to reach there at 10 o’clock we left our school in buses at 07:30AM. We reached there at 10 o’clock and all of us were very excited to enter into the pool. We had a very great time there. The weather was pleasant, the day was amazing and we all had enjoyed a lot.

Annual Sports Meet

On November 2, 2017 and November 3, 2017 we celebrated our Ist Annual Sports Meet. The programme began with the welcome ceremony of the Chief Guest. The sports day was inaugurated by releasing balloons by the Chief Guest and our Principal. Then the much awaited track and field events started. As the budding athletes of IPS ran for finishing line, the school campus reverberated with enthusiastic cheers from the spectators. Marching by the students in their groups according to their houses was also a major highlight of the day. The medals to the winners were given away by our Chief Guest along with the winning shield to Green House, who emerged as the champion house.

Children’s Day

November 14,th Birth Anniversary of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru is also known as children’s day, the day to celebrate childhood. In our school we had planned something that no one has ever thought of! all the teachers of the school had decided to do the morning school’s assembly by themselves. Teachers had prepared everything like anchoring, prayer, pledge, song etc. The entire students were amazed to see the teachers participating in the assembly. Principal of our school gave a very motivational speech and after the assembly all the children were given chocolates.

Kindergarden Activities

The school year started well in July. The highlight of that month was the Red Colour Day Celebration in which the students took part in number of activities related to red colour. Sensorial Activities were undertaken to make the students aware about their sense organs. Cooking without fire in the month of August had given them a chance to make sandwiches, bhelpuri, fruit chat, salad etc. with the help of their teachers. Yellow Day was celebrated in the month of September to teach our kids about the primary colour Yellow. Activities related to different shapes helped the students to recognize the shapes. Teachers involved the students in different games related to shapes. Blue Day was celebrated in the month of November in which the blooming buds of our school dressed themselves in blue coloured dresses. Activities like vegetable stamping and peg activity were also done to enhance their awareness and recognition skills. The students of kindergarten also took part in the major activities such as Janmashtami Celebration and Diwali Celebrations. Kindergarten students visited Company Garden, Faizabad to gear up for a school picnic.