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The Indirapuram Group takes pride in launching its sixth school near the historical city of Ayodhya. We take upon ourself the prime responsibility for grooming young students into responsible individuals with the ability to think, reflect and take decision independently. It will be the endeavour of each member of the core team of the school to deliver quality education to each child thereby inculcating in them the correct values and attitudes for success in the year to come.

The school is situated on Faizabad - Gonda Highway in pollution free envisions and would be admitting students to classes Nursery to sixth in the first year. It also have residential facilities having comfortable accommodation for students of all ages as well as faculty members.Great care is being taken to develop the infrastructure so that it enables learning to be experiential, activity based and suitable to the needs of the curriculum.


A well organized and laid out library service is one of the distinctive features of each of the school. It has a huge collection of enriching & exciting books suited to the needs of growing children covering all spheres of activities and catering to varied tastes. A dedicated story telling within the library is used for interactive sessions with the junior students Besides, lower classes also have a class library in each class. Reading Room facilities are provided within the library and students and staff are encouraged to utilize this facility.


The Science and Social Science labs are places where our children gain hands on experience which induce wonder and inspire inquisitiveness.Separate Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs would soon come up and offer an experience conductive to learning for students of all classes.The labs are well equipped and provide not only for prescribed syllabus, but much beyond. 'Learning by Doing' is the mantra on which these labs function. Students are exposed to experiential learning right from the beginning through demonstrations as well as by doing experiments.

Smart Classes

The school have tied up with leading service providers to impart teaching through interactive sessions. Smart class video modules, calibrated assessments, on-line learning solutions based on 21st century innovations are made available through a one step portal for students, teachers and parents to facilitate effective learning.

Transport Facility

Indirapuram Public School boasts of a fleet of buses, providing bus connectivity to wide areas of Nawabganj, Wazirganj, Vikramjot, Ayodhya, Basti, Gonda and Faizabad thus ensuring efficient transportation facilities for our students. Drivers and Conductors are trained periodically to follow for our norms. A school teacher travels in each bus to ensure safety of students. The buses leave the school only after the school teacher checks that each child who ought to be on the bus actually boarded the bus.

Sporting Arena and IPS Sports Academy

In order to promote all around development of students, the School lays stress on sporting activities. In addition to teaching various physical and sporting skills to students, the school encourages multidimensional activities which satisfy human urges of competition & taste of victory. Annual sports meets for students are held regularly.

The schools' playground include open space for fun games, athletics, cricket, football & volley ball courts. The schools' infrastructure also has provision through an Indoor Sports Complex, comprising of a basket ball court, badminton court, table tennis tables ad a skating rink. A top-of-the-line turf wicket for cricket coaching is also provided.

Sports Facilities

Swimming Pool

Our school has an excellent swimming pool , which is functional during the warmer months of the years. Each Student is imparted lessons in swimming during games periods. Those excelling can also opt for specialized coaching in swimming.

Computer as a Tool

Indirapuram Public School believes in an integrated approach to all subjects using computer as a tool in order to promote practical & hands-on learning for students. The integration of information technology into every subject is done through regular use of computer-based teaching packages for all subjects. This innovative methodology has helped increase student interest in all subjects, and has helped improve learning outcomes.

Maths Lab

Mathematics is an exceptionally useful subject which enhances the comprehension of every facet of education; besides being an essential tool for progress in the real world . It is thus imperative that all students develop their mathematical abilities . Keeping this in mind the use of mathematics kit for study of math is a child centered approach in which the basic interests and natural instincts of a child are given due weightage. It helps students understand concepts clearly while enhancing students interest in mathematics.

Other Facilities

Hostel Facilities

Salient Features

Grooming Style